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In Peace with Oneself – In Peace with Others, The beginning of social learning

Faculty: Zsuzsa Libertiny, Jutka Hafner and Elsa Chahin

Class Overview
In this training, you will learn Dr. Pikler’s original ideas about the adult’s role in the socialization of infants and toddlers. How do we observe and understand the youngest child’s effort to learn and follow the norms and rules that surround them? How can we accompany and orient a child without power struggles in order to raise a person who can live “in peace with oneself – in peace with others”? We will share our experience about the difficult situations that toddlers experience in day care and in other social settings. Video footage recorded at the Pikler® Institute, the Pikler® Day Care, and in family settings will be offered for analysis and discussion, serving as a catalyst for practiced observations and engaging conversations.

The following topics will be addressed during the training:

  • “The age of transition” – What does Dr. Pikler teach us about toddlerhood?
  • Adjustment and cooperation in the adult-child relationship
  • Social learning during care giving routines
  • Transmission of cultural traditions at mealtime
  • Children among each other: From the first social experience to cooperation and conflict
  • How to protect the child’s individual needs in a group setting

Open only to those that have previously attended a 3-day Pikler® introductory workshop, or a Basic Level Pikler® Intensive in USA or abroad.

Participants may send a short video recording (1-4 minutes, to of an observation of toddler socialization and prepare relevant questions for group discussion. The deadline for this submission is mid-September.*

$1,200 Early bird, before September 1, 2017 (Does not include food or lodging)
$1,300 After September 1, 2017 (Does not include food or lodging)

*Open only to those that have previously attended a Basic Level Pikler® Intensive in USA or abroad.

Registration information:
To register and pay with Pay Pal or credit card.

Time and location information:
October 23-27, 2017, 9:00 am-4:30 pm
Pepperdine University Graduate Campus
6100 Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045

West LA Campus

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  1. Siew Hong, Low

    Dear Madam/Sir
    May I know if I can attend the introductory workshop from 18-20 October first and then qualify to enroll for the advance course from 23-27 October?
    As I am travelling to USA from abroad, is there a hostel that I can stay in when attending the training at Pepperdine University?

    Please advise.
    Thank you
    Siew Hong


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