Two locations in United States for Pikler® Training – Charleston, South Carolina and Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wednesday, February 8 – Friday, Feburary 10, 2017
9:00 am – 5:00 pm – 3 Day Intensive, Charleston, South Carolina
Saturday (optional) 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Lunch provided Wednesday-Friday only
Wyndham Garden Charleston Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Hotels, SC 29464, 843-352-5100.

Monday, April 10 – Wed., April 12, 2017
8:00 am – 4:00 pm – 3 Day Intensive
Tulsa Tech Training Center , 3638 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Participants will:

  • Explore the Pikler philosophy through lecture, video, discussion, and planned experiences.
  • Identify and understand the complexity of children’s growth and development.
  • Gain an awareness of children’s immense capabilities.
  • Understand the caregiver’s role in supporting and caring for young children through lecture, video, discussion, and planned experiences.

    Read the complete course descriptions and locations on our Training pages for Tulsa or Charleston.

ADVANCED Pikler® Courses in English for 2017


Courses will be held at Lóczy Lajos #3, Budapest, Hungary, H-1022.

These two courses are for professionals who have already participated in the two-weeklong 1st level Summer-course at our Institute in Budapest, Hungary between 2004 and 2016 and who are involved in working with children. The participants will already have experience with what the Piklerian approach of caring for young children can mean in the various fields, i.e. foster homes, residential nurseries, day-care centres (crèche), parent-child groups, or other settings. This course will provide a possibility to deepen their knowledge and will include new topics that will also be discussed: prevention and handling of conflict situations, caring children who cause difficulties due to different reasons, and methods of supporting parents and educators. It will also give participants an opportunity to discuss problems that they may face in family or group settings.

June 12-16, 2017 (5 days)
Supporting the team, supporting the caregiver
(NEW! Eligible thematic module for the Pikler Pedagogue Training System)


June 19-23, 2017 (5 days)
The Pikler® Parent-infant and Parent-toddler groups
(NEW! Eligible thematic module for the Pikler Pedagogue Training)

Read the full description of these courses on our Training page.

5th International Infant and Toddler Conference A World of Possibilities: It All Starts Here, April 6 – 8, 2017


 (Pre-Conference April 5, 2017)
Downtown Doubletree Hotel, Tulsa, Oklahoma
For more information or to register for the conference visit:

Peter Mangione, Advisory Board member of Pikler USA, will be Keynote speaker at International Infant & Toddler Conference

MangioneThe IITC planning committee is pleased to announce that the next featured Keynote presenter for the 2017 conference is Peter Mangione, Ph.D. Peter L. Mangione, Ph.D., co-directs WestEd’s Center for Child and Family Studies. Mangione is one of the lead developers of the Program for Infant/Toddler Care (PITC), a national model for training early childhood practitioners. He has led the creation of early learning and development standards and curriculum, infant/toddler and preschool program guidelines, resources for supporting young dual language learners, and early childhood educator competencies. He is one of the principal collaborators in the development the California Department of Education’s Desired Results Developmental Profile. Mangione has served on advisory groups for the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Zero To Three, and participated in meetings conducted by the National Academy of Sciences. He received a Ph.D. in Education and Human Development from the University of Rochester and completed postdoctoral study at the Max-Planck Institute for Psychiatry in Munich, Germany.

Elsa Chahin, President, Pikler/Loczy USA, Keynote Speaker at the 2017 International Infant and Toddler Conference

ElsaAn in-demand speaker, writer, teacher and infant-toddler consultant, Elsa Chahin has more than 20 years experience working with infants, children and youth populations around the globe. Ms. Chahin has served as a keynote speaker and presenter at over 60 national and international conferences and seminars on the topic of caring for babies with respect. She has also been featured as an online parenting expert for early childhood development and special needs topics.
As one of only two certified and accredited Pikler Trainers in North America, Ms. Chahin is currently President of the internationally renown non-profit corporation, The Pikler/Loczy Fund USA, through which she carries on the mission of Dr. Emmi Pikler, that of raising healthy, happy children. With extensive training in the field, Ms. Chahin, raised in both Mexico and the United States, is also bilingual, as well as conversational in French. A skilled translator who has worked with multicultural students, including at-risk, orphaned, abandoned and learning disabled children, Ms. Chahin is a gifted facilitator that brings her expertise in her consulting and advisory positions to new mothers/parents.
A staunch advocate of early childhood education and development, Ms. Chahin, also a RIE® (Resources for Infant Educarers) Associate, is that rare leader who not only brings passion and commitment to her work, but a deep knowledge coupled with both insight and generosity.

BASIC Level Pikler® Courses in English for 2017 at Lóczy Lajos, Budapest, Hungary


These two basic courses are designed for those who would like to acquire knowledge, and be informed on-site at the Pikler® Institute, where Dr. Emmi Pikler worked. Participants will deepen their understanding about early childhood education through studying our most important pedagogical principles, learning about everyday experiences with children, and also through hearing about the results of research carried out by the Pikler® Institute. The topics will be elaborated by presenting core materials of the Institute. The results of research and practical experience, the opportunity to watch and analyze photos and video footage, accounts of personal practice and discussion of the questions raised by participants will all be included. The course will be held by the “Pikler® team”, including former colleagues of Dr. Emmi Pikler and other experienced professionals of the Institute.

February 27 – March 3, 2017 (5 days)
The Autonomous Play Activity (ages 0 to 3)

  • The beginning of infant’s play activity
  • Development of thinking and playing
  • The infant’s attention during play
  • Autonomous activity in the parent-child group
  • Organizing the conditions of free play and movement in the day-care center
  • How the caregiver supports children’s play

May 22-26, 2017 (5 days)
Respectful Care and the Relationship with the Adult

  • What children learn during diaper change
  • Individualized care situation in the day-care: the quality of care
  • Free movement on the changing table – a key for cooperation
  • The journey of the child: from breastfeeding to autonomous mealtime
  • Specific and difficult situations during feeding time




laura2Laura’s vision and dedication brought Pikler to the United States, providing training for professionals and parents of young children. In addition, she was the president of Day Schools (3 NAEYC accredited programs located in Tulsa) overseeing total operations and financial management for 36 years. As the working group leader of ‘Rights for Children Living in Children’s Homes’ of World Forum Foundation, she focused on improving the lives of children in children’s homes throughout the world, whether they were living in an institution or foster parent environment. We love you Laura!