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“We are raising the future, and our presence, our love and joy, will have a lasting effect in our children’s development. This, I believe, will provide us with a more loving and more respectful world.” Elsa Chahin, Pikler/Lóczy USA President and CEO

We are pleased to announce the official details for Pikler/Lóczy USA’s Fourth-Annual Conference 2020: Envisioning a Bright Present and Future for Infants and Young Children.

As we launch on Veterans Day/Remembrance Day in many countries, we think this is a perfect opportunity to talk about peaceful and respectful care. Dr. Emmi Pikler’s groundbreaking work has shown us that a more peaceful, more respectful world is possible. This way of treating others, this way of being, can start from the very first day of life. Our interactions with young children can profoundly impact the future. We truly believe, as our tagline states, that Peace Begins with Babies.

Whether you want to deepen your knowledge of the Pikler Pedagogy, strengthen your early childhood skills as a parent or educator, or learn more about a respectful approach to caregiving, this conference is for you.

We have 22 pre-recorded keynotes from world-renowned experts, available to watch via Vimeo at your own pace. The conference launches on 11/11/2020, and once purchased, you’ll have six months to view the presentations. The conference is available to you for only $195. 100% of the proceeds go to our scholarship fund and to supporting the Pikler House.

We hope you will join us!

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