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Ways of Being with Oneself and with Children, An Atmosphere of Joy: A Week with Ute Strub
August 12-16, 2019

5-day retreat.OPEN TO ALL – Discover new ways of being with yourself and with children through playful experiments guided by Ute Strub, assisted by Elsa Chahin and Steven Rhodes.

What if we practiced being consciously aware and experienced life as children do? What if these experiences made us understand children more deeply, ourselves more deeply, and led to a more thoughtful and harmonious existence? READ MORE ...

Self-Initiated Motor Development
October 21-25, 2019

Led by Hungarian faculty Dr. Gabriella Püspöki, former Director of the Pikler Institute, Szilvia Papp and Elsa Chahin

Counts toward Pikler® pedagogue certification.OPEN TO ALL –Dr. Emmi Pikler’s observations about the free movement of the infant open a new perspective in understanding not only the principles of motor development, but also its influence on the development of the young child’s personality.

Participants of this seminar can explore the intact, natural process of motor development, which can only be observed if we do not directly intervene in movement. Besides healthy motor development, we also discuss slow development, gross motor equipment, and the appropriate environment in which to support free movement. READ MORE…


October 28-Nov 1, 2019

Led by Hungarian faculty from the Pikler® House in Budapest, Judit Kelemen, Dr. Eszter Mózes and Elsa Chahin

ADVANCED-Level Pikler® Course, must have completed all three basic courses. Counts toward Pikler® pedagogue certification. The observation method used at the Pikler Institute is an important element of the Pikler approach. Observation is the key to understanding infant and toddler needs and behavior. Observation allows us to follow and monitor individual children’s developmental progress with accuracy. Accurate observation informs the adult’s decisions on how to structure the environment to best facilitate the next stages of developmental unfolding for each child.

During this seminar, you will learn about the methodology for observation, and you will practice and grow your own skills. READ MORE…

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