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Community Playthings, a maker of high-quality wooden toys and furniture for children, has been supporting Pikler USA every year for over twenty years. Over the years, their generous contributions have made it possible for hundreds of students to attend the trainings to learn about the Pikler pedagogy.

This year, our scholarship recipients came from all over the world: Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Russian Federation, and from across the United States. Equipped with knowledge about this pedagogy, they take the information back to their respective homes and use what they have learned to make a positive, concrete difference in the way infants and young children are cared for in their communities.

Thank you, Community Playthings, for supporting Pikler USA and for enabling us to help children in communities near and far.

In 2018, Pikler USA offered two basic-level, week-long, intensive courses in English. The courses were taught by professionals from The Pikler Institute in Budapest.

Pikler July 20, 2018_27 copy

The Autonomous Play Activity

The Autonomous Play Activity was taught by Eszter Mózes (Director of the Lóczy Foundation for Children), Jutka Kelemen (lead caregiver at Lóczy since 1986), and Elsa Chahin. This course introduced the origins of free play and the role of the caregiver in supporting children’s play.

Pikler July 23, 2018_26 copy

Respectful Care and the Relationship with the Adult

Respectful Care and the Relationship with the Adult was taught by Jutka Kelemen, Szilvi Papp (Pikler pedagogue and special therapist), and Elsa Chahin. This course underlined the importance of quality daily care and caregiving interactions.

Attendees from Rwanda, Russian Federation, Uganda, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, China, Nigeria, Colombia, and the United States enriched the trainings by bringing a diverse range of experiences and voices. –Written by Laura Willhoite

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