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January 9th marked Dr. Pikler’s 116th birthday! In her honor, we offered two full scholarships to Budapest. The drawing took place via Facebook Live at Hari’s Studio in Santa Monica, CA; with Hari Grebler pulling the winning names out of the hat.

As a gift to all of you, here’s a tour of the Pikler House by our President/CEO Elsa Chahin! It will offer you a glimpse of a typical day of training at the Pikler House, weaved with black and white footage from the past. Hopefully you can all join us one day in Budapest to observe and study on site.

A day in the Pikler House
A day in the Pikler House

And without further ado, congratulations to our two winners:
Solanki, Tanvi from South Carolina
Amber Maree from New Zealand

And the back up winners, in case the recipients cannot attend, are as follows and the following order:

1. Ingrid Gonzalez
2. Erika Liang
3. Brenda Montes
4. Dawn Rouse

Since Dr. Emmi Pikler’s death in 1984, thousands of participants from around the globe have attended one-week trainings onsite at the Pikler® House (over 200 students per year). Thousands more have conducted observations at both the Pikler infant’s home and the Pikler® Daycare Center. Certified Pikler trainers also offer trainings in various countries.

The Pikler® approach – bringing up infants and young children with respect – continues to be practiced throughout the world by parents and professionals. Wherever Dr. Emmi Pikler’s approach is practiced, a significant improvement in the quality of life of infants and young children, and the adults who care for them, occurs.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts carried out by the different Pikler® Associations worldwide, Pikler’s principles are not only being applied in institutions, but also in family settings, as well as being studied and taught at the university level.


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