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Dear friends and colleagues,
We wish you a holiday season filled with love, joy and peace!

In celebration of this holiday season and in gratitude to the Pikler House, the PLUSA Board of Trustees is giving away two full scholarships – 700 Euros each – for the basic level intensive in Budapest, Hungary: Self-initiated Motor Development. This intensive will take place at the Pikler® House, March 5-9, 2018 (5 days).

Drawing will take place on January 9 to commemorate Dr. Pikler’s birthday!

To participate in the drawing, please add your name to the list via our Facebook post, or by writing to (Does not include airfare, accommodations or meals.)

Thank you for your continuous support. We wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and a joyful new year.

With love,
The PLUSA Board of Trustees

Course details
March 5-9, 2018 (5 days)
Self-initiated Motor Development

The most well-known ideas of the early childhood pedagogical principles of Emmi Pikler are probably those about the infant’s self-initiated motor development. Her research and writings about the significance of free movement, its practical implementation and the necessary conditions are widespread and popular.

Dr. Emmi Pikler’s observations about the free movement of the infant open a new perspective in understanding not only the principles of motor development, but also it’s influence on the development of the young child’s personality.

Participants of the seminar can explore the intact, natural process of motor development, which can only be observed if we do not directly intervene in movement. Besides healthy motor development we also discuss slow development, gross motor equipment and the appropriate environment to support free movement.

Course outline
The significance of the transitional positions and movements
Research conducted in the Pikler® Institute
Why is it difficult for adults to accept the idea of free movement?
How does free movement alter the adult’s attitude, and how does the quality of life of the infant change?


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