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Larissa Neilson J.D.

It is with great joy that we welcome Dr. Larissa Neilson to the Pikler/Lóczy USA Board of Trustees. Born in Lima, Peru, Dr. Neilson is committed to supporting our mission – that of sharing Dr. Pikler’s research and pedagogy – with ethics and integrity.

Larissa Neilson J.D.

Author, infant/toddler specialist, CEO and Founder of Riesers Inc., Dr. Neilson is a Pikler® Pedagogue candidate, who has studied under the tutelage of Anna Tardos (Dr. Pikler’s daughter) at the Pikler® House in Budapest, Hungary.

A RIE® Intern, Dr. Neilson is also the author of “The L.A. Nanny Book”, a comprehensive book that includes practical information to anyone interested in working as a professional child care provider. Dr. Nielson has cared for children ages zero to three for the past 17 years. In addition, Dr. Neilson has presented at various national conferences, including National Nanny Training Day, INA – International Nanny Association Conference, as well as the Annual RIE® Conference. Her work involves consulting privately with parents and professionals, speaking at events, and spending time with her daughter Esther.

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