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Initiative, Cooperation, and Reciprocity
by Éva Kálló and Julianna Vámos, narrated by award winning journalist Victoria Looseleaf.

We are delighted to announce the release of a newly revised production of the wonderful film, “Initiative, Cooperation, and Reciprocity” by Éva Kálló and Julianna Vámos, narrated by award winning journalist Victoria Looseleaf. This was made possible thanks to the generous  support from the board of trustees of Pikler/Lóczy USA.

The Baby’s Time ( Part 2), bathing and caring (6-12 months). Body care can be an occasion to build up a profound relationship and a partnership between the young child and his caretaker.

Following Part 1. “Bathing the Baby, Concern, Empathy and Acquired Gestures”, concerning children aged from 0 to 6 months, we carry on studying “the art of caring” practiced at the Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary. In the second semester, the baby’s motor experiences become more varied, his interests are widening, and he shows more and more personal initiative and will. Now, he knows the bath ritual very well, and he can anticipate and prepare himself. If his self-initiated motor development is respected, the baby can and will actively take part in the care.

The setting gives possibilities and limits so the baby is completely free in his movements and participation and can develop his desire for cooperation. Mutual adaptation of the partners fosters a reciprocal relationship. Organizes the model of the relationship in reciprocity.

This film shows how the adult can take these contributions into account, such as impulsive emotional movements of the child, and transform them into mutual pleasure while bathing. This didactic film is intended for caretakers in any field of infant care, and for those involved in young children’s care. It is also intended for pediatricians and pediatric nurses in training, but anyone who has the opportunity to bathe a baby may be inspired.


Association Pikler-Lóczy, Budapest
APL (Budapest) – APL (France), first production 2006, new production 2017
Running time: 38 min

$50 US
$65 International

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