In honorable remembrance of Klara Pap

Our Pikler Family is mourning the loss of beloved illustrator, colleague and friend, Klara Pap.

Klara Pap was the recipient of the 2016 Emmi Pikler Award for her valuable contributions to the Pikler® approach.

If you know about Dr. Pikler, you have seen the illustrations that accompany her writings. Klara Pap’s drawings of infants and young children have become key in describing Dr. Emmi Pikler’s work through her series of illustrations.  Klara Pap worked closely with Dr. Pikler by sketching the natural progression of children’s gross motor development as well as the tender moments of care at Lóczy, the infants’ home in Budapest, Hungary.

Her memory lives on through her work, and she is deeply missed.

In honorable remembrance of Klara Pap,
The Board of Directors of Pikler/Lóczy USA – Agnes, Bev, Janet, Enid, Denise, Intisar, Johanna, Susan, Nicole, Gabrielle and Elsa

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