On motor development…

“All the elements of the physiological process of motor development are based on the internal inclination and the own initiative of the child. A healthy infant or young child does not need an adult to directly interfere with his motor development either by teaching or by exercising, or by placing the child in certain positions, or by encouraging or demanding. Such interference is not only unnecessary, but it may be harmful as well.

However, not interfering in the process of development does not mean that we have no tasks in connection with creating the conditions necessary for the development. It is the task of the adult to provide everything that the children need for their good mood and well-being, their sense of security and their development. Only infants who feel good in their environment, who can count on their signals getting noticed and responded to, on their needs being fulfilled, and who have enough space and other material conditions available for free movement, will feel like moving around. ”

Excerpt from Bringing up and providing care for infants and toddlers in institutions, Editor in chief, Éva Kálló

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