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Well-being for the Children of the World.®

Peace begins with babies.®

Pikler Lóczy USA is the owner of the trademark Pikler®️ as registered with the US patent and trademark office. Only individuals, manufactures, institutions, or organizations which have been granted express permission from PLUSA may use the word “Pikler” in their products, names, subtitles and program descriptions. If you have any questions, please contact

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Dr. Emmi Pikler

Dr. Emmi Pikler, (1902-1984) was a Hungarian pediatrician, author and lecturer known for her revolutionary approach to infant and child care. In 1946 she founded a residential nursery in Budapest, Hungary, the Pikler® Institute, where the focus was to preserve the competence, autonomy and integrity of the young child, ages 0 to six years. Since Pikler’s death, thousands of participants from around the world attend trainings onsite at the Institute, which ceased operating in 2011, but was established as the Pikler® Daycare Center in 2006 and continues its mission to conserve the practical applications of the Pikler® pedagogy – to bring up infants and young children with respect. In addition, there are a number of Pikler associations worldwide, including throughout Europe, in Asia,  and North and South America, where certified Pikler® trainers lead workshops in this groundbreaking pedagogy.

PLUSA, a 501 (c) 3  nonprofit corporation, was founded by Laura Briley in 1991 to raise awareness of the Pikler® Approach and to financially assist The Pikler® Institute, also known as Lóczy, the children’s home for training and research founded by Dr. Pikler in Budapest, Hungary.

In response to the Pikler Institute’s transition from a residential nursery to a child care center, PLUSA’s purpose has also changed. The role of PLUSA is to support those interested in implementing Dr. Emmi Pikler approach to caring for children with respect, through training, service, and research.

Emmi Pikler
Pikler/Lóczy USA is the only organization in the USA authorized to teach the Pikler® Pedagogy. Our Vision: We envision a world where all children are cared for with respect. We are a not for profit 501(c)3. 
A day at the Pikler House:

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"Reflections from a board member on Pikler Intensive Workshop April 13-18, 2015 Arriving on Sunday afternoon I walked into the pre-conference workshop to see all the participants deeply engaged with Bev, Janet, Intisar and Elsa. All seemed so appreciative of the time they had spent over the weekend and eager to learn more."

- Enid Elliot PhD, Chair of Education Committee Pikler USA

"I have had the pleasure of being able to attend all four of the previous Pikler® Intensives that have been held in the United States. I cannot even begin to describe how truly remarkable these trainings are. I am a lifelong learner, and as such, I attend a lot of conferences and trainings."

- Colleen Walling, Caregiver

“The nine days I spent at the Advanced Pikler® Intensive were life-changing! Though I’ve always had a love and respect for children, I gained a new way of seeing them. I learned how to notice, observe and enjoy each child’s unique rhythm. I learned about ‘Why movement is critical to brain development. And much, much more"

- Tracy Epps Johnson, Ph.D.

“It is mystery to me how love can continue to grow. My two granddaughters are testimony to the fact that our capacity to love others is boundless. Both their fathers are my adopted sons and it amazes me that their offspring look just like them. What a blessing for them to finally “see themselves” in the flesh. Pikler® has been extremely important to me as I have learned how to hold my children and to let them go simultaneously.

The balance we all seek is not just physical but also emotional and spiritual. The wisdom of Dr. Pikler and Dr. Tardos has been a healing power in my life. I am eternally grateful to both of them.”

- Executive Board Member, Dr. Intisar Shareef