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Eva Kallo, Pedagogue, studied to become a high school teacher, though during university her interest gradually turned to younger children, which lead to a role at the Pikler Institute in 1970. She worked as a pedagogue at Lóczy for over 40 years and taught developmental and educational psychology at the Pikler Caregivers' Training since 1973. She had regularly facilitated Pikler trainings in Hungary and around the world. She regularly observed the children's lives and did her best to help caregivers understand children's behavior and to treat children in accordance to the spirit of the Piklerian ideas and care.

She has carried out research in the field of institutional education and presented her results in publications at the scientific meetings of the Psychological Association of the Hungarian Academy of Science. She co-authored the book "The Development of Free Play" that has been translated into 5 different languages. She also participated in creating an educational film outlining some of the results of the Piklerian approach. Using video footage of the children growing up in the Infant's Home of the Pikler Institute, she highlights the relationship between quality of care and the development of playing and thinking. She continued to give lectures worldwide and was currently working on new educational videos.

Elsa Chahin and Eva Kallo.

Elsa Chahin, Eva Kallo, Anna Tardos, Laura Briley, Founder and former President of Pikler USA, Bonnie Neugebauer.

Éva Kálló and Anna Tardos.

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Pikler Left laura

We have raised more than $5,000.00 that will go to our newly created Laura Briley Scholarship Fund, created by generous donations of her friends and family and our supporters!

It is with the saddest heart that we say goodbye to our friend, mentor and President of the Pikler Loczy fund USA. Laura J. Briley believed that children needed and deserved respect, love and attentive care so that they could grow up feeling that they mattered, and therefore have a smile in their hearts and a positive impact in the world.

Laura's commitment to improving children's quality of life, and her tireless dedication to her mission of creating Peace in the world one baby at a time will live on.

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