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International Pikler Courses in English Language in 2014

102. Budapest, Lóczy L. u. 3.

Understanding and deepening your knowledge about the Pikler Approach

June 23-July 4, 2014 (2 x 5 days)

Emmi Pikler's name is more and more well-known among educators working with young children. All around the world, many parents, according to her principles, provide more freedom to their infants and young children. The Piklerian approach helps them make their life together with the youngest member of the family a peaceful one, and to avoid using - even unintended - force of violence in education. The application of the Piklerian principles is becoming widespread also in day-care centers and nursery homes that raise infants and young children, complementary or substituting for the family.

For the two-week long, English speaking course we expect the application of those who feel interested, and who would like to gain information directly from the source in Budapest and deepen their knowledge about early childhood education through learning about our most important pedagogical principles, everyday experiences, and also about the results of research carried out by the Pikler Institute.

During the course we will discuss the importance of self-initiated movement and development of play, its inner regularities, the often overlooked stages of this development, and of course, the conditions of such development. We shall also talk about the less-known aspect of Piklerian pedagogy - the importance of careful and attentive physical care, its basic principles and the practical components of the "quality care". We shall also discuss the characteristic features of the parent-child relationship and the relationship between the child and the professional caretaker - educator or nurse.

The topics will be elaborated by presenting inner materials of the institute, research results and practical experience, by watching and analyzing photos and video scenes, by personal practice and by discussing the questions raised by the participants. The course will be held by the "Pikler team", with Anna Tardos, psychologist and several other experienced professionals of the institute.

Typewritten applications should be submitted including a short summary of the applicant's professional activity, interest and experience of the Piklerian ideas.

Advanced level thematic courses:


June 2-6, 2014 (5 days)

The observation method used in the Pikler Institute is an important element of the Pikler approach:

  • Observation is the key to understanding infant and toddler needs and behaviour.
  • Observation allows us follow and monitor individual children's developmental progress with accuracy.
  • Accurate observation informs the adult's decisions around how to structure the environment to best facilitate the next stages of developmental-unfolding for each child.
  • During this seminar you will learn about this methodology for observation, and you will practice and grow your own skills.

Nonviolent early care and education based on the Pikler Approach

June 9-13, 2014 (5 days)

In this workshop you will learn, through video analysis and discussions, the components that make uprespectful and tactful adult behavior toward infants and toddlers. You will learn how to accompany and orientate a child - without power struggles, without forcing and without resorting to involuntary violence. You will learn how to raise a person who lives "in peace with himself and with others".

These two courses are for professionals who have already participated in the two weeks-long 1st level Summer-course in our Institute in Budapest between 2004 and 2013 and who are involved in dealing with children, parents or educators. The participants already have experiences about what the Piklerian approach with young children can mean in the various fields, i.e. in foster homes, (orphanages), day-care centers (creche), parent-child groups, or other places. This course will provide a possibility to deepen their knowledge, however, other new topics will also be discussed, like prevention and handling of conflict situations, caring children who cause difficulties due different reasons, methods to support parents, and educators. It will also give space to discuss problems that participants meet in families and in group-situations.

The participants of the advanced level trainings should bring either a video recording or a written description of an observation of a pedagogic situation for common discussion. This may also be a description of a specific child, or situation.

When applying, we ask you to write in a letter what experiences, success and difficulties you have in your everyday work and what topics you would like to get more information about to help you deepen your knowledge.

The fee for the courses is 140 Euros/day/person. (2x5 days: 1400 Euros; 5 days: 700 Euros/person) The fee is only for the participation, we cannot provide the participants accommodation. The participation fee is net amount; banking costs are to be charged to the account of the applicants. Applications are accepted in the order of the transfer of payment. For detailed information, please inquire at loczy@pikler.hu or pikler-tardos@t-online.hu.

Training including observation in groups of children:

There are opportunities for observation in our day-care centre (creche) and parent-child groups. Before the observation, the participant is given introductory information about the present situation of the groups of the children, the day-care centre or the parent-child groups, and after observing, participants are invited to discuss their experiences. The visit is possible first of all to those who participate at our seminars (at a time for maximum 2-3 persons). Observation is not possible at weekends, only on workdays.

The fee is 160 Euros/day/person. Applications should be sent to: loczy@pikler.hu or pikler-tardos@t-online.hu.

In case of a group visit (for students, teachers and educators) during a half day we introduce our work to the group with the help of video-illustration and we answer the questions of participants. During this visit there isn't any opportunity to see the children groups. Please note that we can only accept limited sized groups. (The fee is 40 Euros/person.)


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Pikler Left laura

It is with the saddest heart that we say goodbye to our friend, mentor and President of the Pikler Loczy fund USA. Laura J. Briley believed that children needed and deserved respect, love and attentive care so that they could grow up feeling that they mattered, and therefore have a smile in their hearts and a positive impact in the world.

Laura's commitment to improving children's quality of life, and her tireless dedication to her mission of creating Peace in the world one baby at a time will live on.

Read more... or make a donation to Pikler in Laura's name.