Becky Henderson Project Specialist, A-State Childhood Services

Testimonial from workshop in Tulsa, OK

“When I awoke the Friday morning after the Pikler® 3-day Intro in my home in Little Rock, I was overwhelmed with feedback from the Pikler® training in Tulsa!  When I had arrived at the International Infant and Toddler Conference, I was wanting to learn something about the Pikler® pedagogy. Little did I know that I would have the awesome opportunity to experience it first hand through a scholarship to your training.  Not only did I learn so much through the “exercises;” but also, I had my philosophy about caring for infants and toddlers radically changed!  I had taught about giving respectful and gentle care to infants and toddlers; but through the training and the experience of being the child, I truly learned what the terms “respectful and gentle care” really meant.  Now it is my time to “pay it forward” by sharing in the professional development classes that I teach and by discussing the Pikler® pedagogy when doing technical assistance.

One of the great aspects of the training was personally getting to know each of the trainers. Each of you reached out to make my travel arrangements, my registration, and my learning needs met in a personal way.  It is easy to feel a little nervous when around people who are well versed in the subject matter, but your team made each of us feel “safe” and comfortable so that we were free to learn.  The experience of sharing with people from so many locations, experiences and job descriptions gave such useful insight into how Pikler® can be applied.

Again, let me say how grateful I am to have had such a unique learning experience. I look forward to reading my Pikler® books and following Pikler® USA.”