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The Origins of Free Play


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By Évba Kálló and Györgyi Balog

About the authors:

Éva Kálló – Hungarian Literature and Linguistics MA, Pedagogy MA. She’s been working at the Pikler Institute since 1970 training the caregivers and pedagogues of the Institute, from outside the Institute and professionals from abroad, as well as writing methodological texts and films.

Györgyi Balog – Special Needs Teacher MA, a fellow worker of the Pikler Institute for 30 years, first as a caregiver, then as a special needs teacher. She has worked in day care centers and nursery homes as pedagogical consultant. Now takes part in the training of caregivers.

First edition: 2005
Second edition: 2014

Publisher: Magyarországi Pikler-Lóczy Társaság

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