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Lóczy an Unusual Approach to Mothering


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By Dr. Myriam David and Geneviève Appell

About the authors

Dr. Myriam David (1917-2004) was child psychiatrist and worked for many years as consultant for the Centre Alfred Binet (Paris). She was the founder and leader of the Centre familial d’action thérapeutique (placement familial spécialisé) and of the Unité de soins de domicile pour jeunes enfants of the Rothschild Foundation.

She was the author of L’enfant de 0 à 2 ans and of L’enfant de 2 à 6 ans (Editions Privat, Toulouse) and Placement familial. De la  pratique à la théorie (Editions ESF, Paris). As a specialist of neglected and maladjusted children, she has published articles for forty years in many professional journals. All through her career she has been involved in the raining of professionals, psychologists, doctors and social workers. She was an esteemed authoritiy of her subject, a welcome participant of conferences, a leader of courses and seminars.

Geneviève Appell was born in 1924 in Paris. Her main interest in psychology is the problem of displacement and the care of neglected children. She worked for the Assistance publigque de Paris and for the Aide sociale à l’enfance of Val de Marne, where she mainly worked in the foster home of Sucy-en-Brie. Her work was strongly influenced by her experience at the Emmi Pikler Institute. She is the author of many articles, films and videos. She dedicated a great part of her work to the further education of staff in foster homes for young children and to the research carried on in these institutions. As an expert of her area she has been a leading member in the committee of Opération pouponnière initiated by the Ministry of Health in France in 1974.

She has been a founding member and the president of the Association Pikler-Lóczy in France since 1984.

Publisher: Pikler-Lóczy Társaság, 2007

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