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Freedom to Move on One’s Own


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NTSC DVD format.
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By Anna Tardos and Agnes Szántó-Feder

It was the Hungarian pediatrician, Emmi Pikler, who called attention to a child’s independent development of motor skills. Given the freedom to move on their own, children will learn themselves and of their own initiative to sit up, stand up and walk.

The tree children in this film are living at the Emmi Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary, where they have warm and stable relationships with the adults taking care of them. We will see how important moving and exploring variations of movement is in their lives.

A Lóczy Film from the Pikler Institute Budapest
Supported by the Ministère des Affaires Socials et de l’Intégration de France and the Soros Association. Produced by Wege der Entfaltung e. V.  Produced by Wege der Entfaltung e. V. 
Distribution in Hungary: Pikler-Lóczy Association for Early Childhood (,
in The Netherlands: Emmi Pikler Stichting (,
Germany: Wege der Entfaltung e. V. (
Pikler-Lóczy Association for Early Childhood, Budapest and Association Pikler-Lóczy de France, 2010.
Runtime: 24 min

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