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Bathing the Baby – The Art of Care


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By Julianna Vámos and  Iren Csatari

Concern, Empathy and Acquired Gestures (1)

The principal innovation in the baby’s daily care from the point of view of the school of E. Pikler at Budapest is to treat bodily care as one of the principal meeting places between the baby and the caregiver.

The adult creates an environment where this daily bath becomes a space where the baby can express his first competences and little by little becomes an active partner in a moment of relaxation and freedom of movement.

The aim of this film is to show how skillful gestures by the adult during baby care helps the baby to relax, protects his well-being and implicitly invites his participation.

This film is intended for experts in infant care and their schools, however, this film could be of interest to anyone who bathes a baby. Runtime: 34 min

Distribution: Association Pikler-Lóczy, Budapest
Published: APL (Budapest) – APL (France), 2002.

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