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Babies and Children with Each Other (2004)


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This film documents a long-term study by Dr. Mária Vincze, in which she observes a group of children living together at the Emmi Pikler Institute in Budapest. The children are three months of age at the beginning of the study and two-and-a-half years old at the end. Dr. Vincze observes the children as they live, play and develop in a secure and trusting environment. The children are observed playing in their familiar surroundings without any interference or alteration in the course of their daily activities. The viewer is engaged in a dynamic search for understanding that results in constructive insights for being with children.

Authors: Dr. Mária Vincze – Geneviève Appell

A Lóczy Film from the Pikler Institute Budapest
With the support of the Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité de France and the Association Pikler-Lóczy de France, 2009.

Produced by Wege der Entfaltung e. V.
Distribution in Hungary: Pikler-Lóczy Association for Early Childhood (,
in The Netherlands: Emmi Pikler Stichting (,
Germany: Wege der Entfaltung e. V. (


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