Upcoming Pikler® Training in the United States – Tulsa, OK

trainingMonday, April 10 – Wed., April 12, 2017, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm – 3 Day Intensive, Tulsa Tech Training Center, Tulsa Oklahoma

Class Overview
Children move, explore, wonder, play and learn with their whole being, their minds, bodies and hearts. Adults can support this learning with a careful and caring approach that understands and respects the importance of children’s movement, thinking and feeling. This introductory workshop will explore the philosophy of Dr. Emmi Pikler, which advocates a peaceful and respectful approach to caring for babies and toddlers. Research from the Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary suggests that young children thrive when they are seen as participants in their own care and initiators of their own explorations and play. We will explore how careful and attentive physical care facilitates a child’s sense of competence. Participants will deepen their knowledge about infant-toddler care and education in order to provide peaceful and respectful care to babies and toddlers. This 3-day workshop will use a variety of experiential activities, as well as discussion and lecture. It is open to everyone who is interested in increasing their knowledge of how to care for infants and toddlers at home or in center care.

Participants will:

  • Explore the Pikler philosophy through lecture, video, discussion, and planned experiences.
  • Identify and understand the complexity of children’s growth and development.
  • Gain an awareness of children’s immense capabilities.
  • Understand the caregiver’s role in supporting and caring for young children through lecture, video, discussion, and planned experiences.

About the Instructors

Elsa Chahin, Beverly Kovach, R.N., M.N. Denise Da-Ros Voseles, Ph.D., and Susan Patrick, Ph.D. are all experienced and highly skilled educators and practitioners in the Pikler philosophy and practice. They will share their knowledge and experiences from their work with babies, toddlers and families.

Location and registration information:
TulsaTech Training Center
3638 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa, Oklahoma
918.828.5000, info@tulsatech.edu

To register, please download the TulsaTech enrollment form and email to: Teresa Berg at teresa.berg@tulsatech.edu.