BASIC Level Pikler® Courses in English for 2017

Courses will be held at Lóczy Lajos #3, Budapest, Hungary, H-1022.


These two basic courses are designed for those who would like to acquire knowledge, and be informed on-site at the Pikler® Institute, where Dr. Emmi Pikler worked. Participants will deepen their understanding about early childhood education through studying our most important pedagogical principles, learning about everyday experiences with children, and also through hearing about the results of research carried out by the Pikler® Institute. The topics will be elaborated by presenting core materials of the Institute. The results of research and practical experience, the opportunity to watch and analyze photos and video footage, accounts of personal practice and discussion of the questions raised by participants will all be included. The course will be held by the “Pikler® team”, including former colleagues of Dr. Emmi Pikler and other experienced professionals of the Institute.

February 27 – March 3, 2017 (5 days)
The Autonomous Play Activity (ages 0 to 3)

During   this   course, we   will   discuss   Dr. Emmi Pikler’s original ideas regarding infants’ competencies in their autonomous activity. How do infants’ and toddlers’ self-initiated play activity contribute to their well-being and development? Through research data, photos and video footages of the Pikler® Institute, we will delve into the topic of the development of free play, including its many, often overlooked, stages.

Participants will also learn the role of the adult in supporting the infant’s and the toddler’s self-initiated play activity and the  environment, as well as materials needed in each phase of development.
Course outline:

  • The beginning of infant’s play activity
  • Development of thinking and playing
  • The infant’s attention during play
  • Autonomous activity in the parent-child group
  • Organizing the conditions of free play and movement in the day-care center
  • How the caregiver supports children’s play

May 22-26, 2017 (5 days)
Respectful Care and the Relationship with the Adult

During the course, we will discuss the importance of attentive and respectful physical care in addition to some less well known aspects of the Pikler® pedagogy, such as the child’s developing social behaviour, and the characteristics of respectful communication.

The course will underline the importance of the quality of daily care/caregiving interactions (diaper changing, dressing, nose wiping etc.) related to children forming their self-image and need for bonding. Participants will observe (analysing video footages of the Pikler® Institute) how infants and toddlers express their needs and how much they learn from the adult during these situations. We shall also discuss the special elements of the parent-child relationship and the relationship between the child and the professional carer, educator or nurse.

Course outline:

  • What children learn during diaper change
  • Individualized care situation in the day-care: the quality of care
  • Free movement on the changing table – a key for cooperation
  • The journey of the child: from breastfeeding to autonomous mealtime
  • Specific and difficult situations during feeding time

Typewritten applications should be submitted, including a short summary of the applicant’s professional activity, interest and experience of the Pikler® ideas. For detailed information, please inquire at

Fee per course: 700 Euros / person / course (5 days)
The fee is only for the course instruction; we cannot provide participant’s accommodations, meals or airfare. The enrolment fee is the net amount; banking or wire transfer fees are to be charged to the applicant’s account. Applications are accepted in the order that the payments are received.

Anna Tardos, President of the Pikler-Lóczy Association Hungary
Zsuzsa Libertiny, Executive pedagogue of the Pikler® Nursery
Eszter Mózes, Director of the Lóczy Foundation for Children