ADVANCED Pikler® Courses in English for 2017, Budapest, Hungary

Courses to be held at Lóczy Lajos #3, Budapest, Hungary


These two courses are for professionals who have already participated in the two-weeklong 1st level Summer-course at our Institute in Budapest, Hungary between 2004 and 2016 and who are involved in working with children. The participants will already have experience with what the Piklerian approach of caring for young children can mean in the various fields, i.e. foster homes, residential nurseries, day-care centres (crèche), parent-child groups, or other settings. This course will provide a possibility to deepen their knowledge and will include new topics that will also be discussed: prevention and handling of conflict situations, caring children who cause difficulties due to different reasons, and methods of supporting parents and educators. It will also give participants an opportunity to discuss problems that they may face in family or group settings.

June 12-16, 2017 (5 days)
Supporting the team, supporting the caregiver
(NEW! Eligible thematic module for the Pikler Pedagogue Training System)

Supporting the Caregivers
Professionals taking care of young children feel good in their jobs when there is a peaceful atmosphere, and where a group of children can feel safe and express themselves freely. Because of this nurturing environment, caregivers are able to remain confident, even in pedagogically difficult situations.

To achieve this, it is necessary for caregivers to recognize a child’s specific need, have the proper skills, and be given constant professional support by the team.

When Dr. Emmi Pikler founded the infants’ home in 1946, she had already created a system of providing training and support to caregivers. Participants will learn different aspects of the work performed at the Pikler® infants’ home and daycare center, one that has maintained the highest professional standards for more than seven decades.

Course outline:

•    The training of beginner caregivers
•    The role of documenting observations
•    The professional development of caregivers
•    The challenges of incorporating the Piklerian approach in your own setting
•    Supporting caregivers in the daycare center

June 19-23, 2017 (5 days)
The Pikler® Parent-infant and Parent-toddler groups
(NEW! Eligible thematic module for the Pikler Pedagogue Training)

Parent-Child Groups
The Parent-Child Group, also called the Pikler® Playroom, is a parent-child group program based on the early childhood educational principles established by pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler and her views on the significance of independent, free play and movement.

Our Parent-Child Groups offer infants and toddlers a physically and emotionally safe and secure environment where they can be freely active by their own initiative without unnecessary interventions, rules or restraints from an adult. Parents gain support by sharing their observations in the group with a professional. This leads to a deeper understanding of a baby’s need for autonomy and bonding.

We recommend our Parent-Child Group course to professionals who offer support to parents of children aged 0-3.

Course outline:

•    Parent-child groups as a specific platform for supporting parents
•    Setting up the play area
•    Observation of the children’s autonomous activities
•    Sharing observations with parents
•    The challenges of the group leading professional’s work

For discussion, the participants of the advanced level trainings should bring either a video recording or a written description of their own observation in a pedagogic situation. This may also be a description of a specific child or situation.

Fee per course: 700 Euros / person / course (5 days)
The fee is only for the course instruction; we cannot provide participant’s accommodations, meals or airfare. The enrolment fee is the net amount; banking or wire transfer fees are to be charged to the applicant’s account. Applications are accepted in the order that the payments are received. For detailed information, please inquire at

Anna Tardos, President of the Pikler-Lóczy Association Hungary
Zsuzsa Libertiny, Executive pedagogue of the Pikler® Nursery
Eszter Mózes, Director of the Lóczy Foundation for Children